I love Pink Floyd.  I also think you should listen to the whole album and not just individual tracks because picking and choosing your Floyd cheapens the experience of listening to their music. That said, they are separate tracks.  You’re not buying 22 minute album sides you’re buying songs.  Songs that many people put in playlists surrounded by Rolling Stones, Beatles and Cream.  I think this may deter people from buying any Pink Floyd songs.  Some times you just want to listen to Money, but not necessarily Breathe. You can buy one episode of LOST even though it may not make any sense out of the context of the whole show.  You should be able to buy one track out of the context of an album.  Hey, maybe someone listens to Have a Cigar and then purchases the rest of the Wish You Were Here album. I wish I could side with Pink Floyd on this, but selling only full albums in 2010 just seems archaic. —————————————— My personal take, Pink Floyd albums are best heard in the entirety. Not many artists do this, but  Floyd did concept albums. All songs had a meaning in the context of where they were on the album. The Wall is MUCH better as a whole. its more than just another brick in the wall part 2… And so i like the idea that you HAVE to buy the whole album. 

Pink Floyd Wins Legal Battle to Only Sell Full Albums Online

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