On being sick.

I just hate being sick. Its like having a handicap. Why can i not be perfectly healthy 365 days a year and well just so long as i am 50? After that i wont have to work and i don’t really care if i am sick or not!

Naturally you say the reason I’m sick is because i don’t lead a healthy life. Well… I’m not supposed to! I am not even 25 yet! (I state this fact a lot… please note i cannot repeat the same after May this year, so give the kid a break.) (Also, please note i refer to myself as a kid a lot. Its mostly done so i don’t have to take responsibilities for my actions.)

I refuse to believe that i fall ill because i don’t eat good food or that i don’t get enough sleep. That’s just BS. Oh and don’t say karma or God. Neither of those have any bearing on life. Not mine anyway. What you choose to believe is your own nightmare.

Anyway.. Naturally, I’m sick and have a light fever, a headache, a toothache (this one is a sign that i am getting wiser. Getting my first wisdom tooth! Yay? It hurts like hell.)

So… I think its just mischance. Maybe its all in my head and i would feel perfectly alright if i just gave it a try… you know… getting up on time, sleeping early… some people do it and tell me all kind of wonderful things about how its a very good thing to do and a very ‘healthy way of life’

And yes, none of them play any video games.

Ciao for now.. am gonna go get myself some coffee.


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