I want to be INSPIRED!!!

Well for the longest time, i have taken the boring, repetitive, lackluster routine of life and said, this is what i have right now. No better, no worse. Status quo however has gone on long enough.
In my college years, I wrote books (cheesy stuff), I strummed the guitar (rather badly) and even studied like I cared. These last few years however haven’t been the most experimental. I have stuck to a routine.

2007 -> all about books. I read more books that year than any other, but the cycle was -> wake up, read, go to work, come back, read, sleep.

2008 -> all about music and games. The cycle was: wake up, music, go to work, come back, play, music, sleep with earphones on..

2009 -> all about gaming. No cycle really… it was all about the latest greatest games…

2010 -> So far, it’s all about Social Networking… I kinda got hooked to FB, twitter and now it would seem tumblr.

But in 2009 I had a secret plan of going back to the University that I almost implemented. Had to be abandoned at he 11th hour, but I still think about it. Real question is… what to do now? I NEED an inspiration. I need to do something unique that does not involve CS or COD.
I’m not saying good bye to gaming or social networking… but I am willing to look out for a new hobby. Something that takes me into the real world a little more often.
So help me god. (I don’t believe in god which is why there is no Capital G)


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