Now Playing II

Have been playing Dragon Age : Origins – Awakening.
The game is the first expansion to DA:O which was last years best RPG… and maybe the best RPG ever. But… as i have been ill for the last few days, haven’t really sunk my teeth into it.
Add to that the concerns of moving. Well i say concerns… but I am glad i will be relocating to Hyderabad. A metro in well, not exactly central India, but far away from Chennai.
So, @ Hyderabad, the most important decision would be… searching for a solo apartment. And that is a BIG concern. It’s not as simple as paying 20 gold and checking in as in any RPG 😦
Anyway, i take the good with the bad.
Will keep y’all posted on how Hyderabad turns out. But the time it will take me to settle down and get a net connection might mean I’m off air for a while 😦
Treating y’all to a Dragon Age screenshot. No not from awakening… 😀


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