Settling in/ New Beginnings

New city, new project and a new diet. That’s what it takes to move from city to city in India. Well, it has to! Every locale has a different regional language and the food differs just that little bit to make it unique.

So, have been in Hyderabad for 3 weeks now and am unhappy to report that ive got the fallen sick twice and spent a lot of time reading manuals and project documentation. KT or knowledge transfer would be better/faster if brain transplants were possible. Partial brain transplants, like strap the old resource to a CT, ask him questions about the project, figure out what part of the brain has all the info, cut it out and jam it into my brain.

Dangerous, but fast and complete.

Yes I’m getting these crazy ideas as I have been watching House MD & Grey’s Anatomy a little bit too much.

But anyway, Hyderabad. The name of the city has ‘bad’ in it, but it isn’t nearly all that… _____ (fill in the blanks)

Yes, the city is hot. Its like a furnace actually, but it rained yesterday and then again this morning the weather has been good so I’m quietly optimistic. Have I explored the city yet? No. Cant. Don’t have personal transportation yet and well, public transportation on the 42 degrees heat, well lets just say a diet coke and another episode of House is just more tempting.

But here’s to new beginnings…

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