I do conversations well…

‘Hello’ said his crisp, clear voice. He punctuated his sentences mostly only at the full stops. That gave the impression that you were listening to multiple sound recordings in short durations.
‘Hi Ayn, It’s Alfred’
‘Alfred who?’
‘Alfred Barrette’
‘Never heard of him’

There was a silence. Had I got the wrong number?

‘Hey Barrette’
‘I was just trying to see how you’d respond’
‘How did I respond?’
‘Well… lets skip that and tell me where have you been for the last year and a half’
‘Not a good answer’
‘I know, listen, I’ve had a rough time.
I’m sorry’
‘Apology not accepted. You have to buy me a drink and then I will think about it’
‘Okay, Fresco’s, tonight at eight. Don’t be late’
‘Great’ I said
‘Okay… I’ll be free all night, so we will meet then. Fine’
‘Hey Alfred…’
‘Don’t wear something embarrassing’

—————- again from A little Magic… is this book really good?… i wrote it like… 5 years ago; i don’t even know what the plot is. How often does that happen? A writer forgetting what the book is about?


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