MBA Diary. That was September.

Its Wednesday and I’m not in the best of spirits. To steal a metaphor from Bilbo Baggins, i feel stretched, like jam spread over too much bread. But that is a good thing.

The biggest change with being a student has to be the fact that you don’t earn anything. Being an international student also means your social life is limited to the 60 – 70 students you interact with every day, which can get depressing sometimes. And yes, I MEAN every day. Unlike the workplace when it was possible to have a weekend to yourself, the MBA makes sure that even that luxury is taken away.

So what’s been the great development of the month? Well, time management for sure. I remember a post i made a while back and im going to shamelessly reuse it right now…

The paradox

Choose any 2.

that is, sleep and social life

or good grades and social life

or sleep and grades.

Nwo… I am, in theory, trying to find a balance here between the three which is a daunting task. Enough sleep is not really a concern for me however. I am after all capable of going without sleep for 72 hrs (proven in 2003 with the release of the game Freelancer and almost again with Halo 3 in 2007) So naturally im trying to stretch myself in the social life and grades department. The problem is, apart from grades, the other issue is career and hence involvement in clubs and other activities.

So umm… what the hell! 

But hey! i did start using Microsoft OneNote… and have mastered the art of getting the required book just before the exam from the library, (its a interesting game trying to block a book for the exact time you want it.) 

I have also managed to learn how to cook a few new dishes and am able to use words like synergy and market capitalization. So all’s good.

Whats left now is to start talking bonds and stock options and answering all questions in 3 points (McKinsey answer?) Oh and getting used to wearing a goddamned suit. I hate suits by the way. Too formal. Waaay too formal.

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