Economists are evil.

Economics is a wierd science. Everything in it is a bit… Off key. Abnormal. An economist sees the world not as it is, but as he would like it to be. Yes, that sounds very militaristic and evil, but then all economists are evil… arent they? They objectify things like value and worth. What is my pet rabbit worth to me? Put a number on it. Else the bunny gets it!

Economists are also in some ways… exceptionally rational. You make decisions by putting emotions aside. You make decisions that are financially sound no matter what you forgoe in the process. You are aware of what you are missing out on, but you have decided you would make more ‘economic profit’ by pursuing your current plan.

Economists are definitely not ‘cool’. When asked to choose between starting a video game company and a software company, a normal person would see games as being more fun and might take that on. Normal guy here being me ofcourse. I naturally see myself as normal and everyone as average joe trying to fit into my world. Im evil too… just not an economist. You will see why in a few minutes. Anyway, like i was saying, i would, (a normal person would) accept the offer to start said video games company. Which has the added benefit of making me cool. Meanwhile my economist friend over there is immediately going to start drawing a decision tree and talking to his statistics buddy whom he met in the ‘un-cool anonymous’ group and would be applying probabilitistic reasoning to this decision while calculating expected payoff’s. All this while he could have been enjoying his life creating video games.

Now, the reason im rambling on about how evil economics is, is that i have a test on it next week and i really dont wanna go back to the text book. Hell tumblr is a much ‘cooler’ use/abuse of my time. I dont have a secret agenda.

I need to really get back to the reading though. So umm, ya, Bye.


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