Hurray. So free time is the same as being bored time.

Its funny how the only things that make sense when you are on a term break are the ones that drag you out of one. Yes, im midway through the term break and I’ve exhausted all means of keeping myself busy and have eventually resorted to blogging about it.
The holidays have so far been a bit depressing, with the exam results out before the vacations, maybe so that the hurt could sink in…? Follow that up with 67 hours of hiking my way though skyrim and i had had enough of the holidays. Also, technically speaking, this is supposed to be summer in Melbourne, but that is a lie. I dont think there is any season in Melbourne apart from ‘unexpected’

Right, with this blog post done, and a heap of novels still left to read and many a quest still unfinished, i should log off the net and click on TESV.exe (The elder scrolls V Skyrim)


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