The trouble with procrastination is…

I do it when I’m not supposed to. Just when the dead line is near. Just at exam time.
At the start of the term, I’m in the groove and ready to go. And at the finish line, I start to ponder what the hell am I doing and what else I could have done or what colour the font of the text I am writing should be.

This is crap!

Anyway, it does have its rewards. it means i am not stressed during the exams, not as stressed as i should be. ‘I’m here for the learning, not necessarily achievement’, but i lie.

so anyway, 1 more day for exams to begin, term 2 of the MBA drawing to a close. Distractions all over the place. But hey! Here are 3 things I watched during these procrastination sessions that i think are ‘the’ awesome.

A brilliant presenter – Sarah Kay – If i should have a daughter –

A brilliant Song – Boy – Little Numbers –

A really interesting perspective – Elizabeth Gilbert – A new way to think about Creativity –


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