(fiction) Not a complete story

Paula stumbled out of the elevator with carrying in one arm her red umbrella and handbag and in the other her broken shoe heel. Her hair was wet, the umbrella had clearly malfunctioned. She wore a red jacket and an expression that said, “Don’t ask”
Nathan, oblivious to all this smiled and said, “Hey Paula, rough weather huh?’” as he walked past.

Paula mumbled something and when he was out of earshot, said “Prick” and made her way to her desk. She dumped the broken umbrella and shoe heel in the waste paper basket, took off her wet coat, cursed as a few drops of water fell on the papers on her desk and tried not to look at the phone line which seemed to be lit up this morning. She had missed the morning meeting with Jack, her division manager and she knew he would be furious. No doubt left her a scathing message about how she was being unprofessional and a few other times to check on if she had received it. Before she dealt with Jack, she needed a coffee.

The coffee machine had 3 options that made slight variations of the same hot water and cheap bitter coffee. She didn’t bother with sugar, the caffeine was all she wanted.  As she sipped the coffee staring out the window at the battering rain, she finally relaxed and smiled. She closed her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. She heard a whistle that made her jump. She turned and blushed. It was William, sweetheart, blue eyed William. The cutest intern in the office and oh so flirty. She liked him. She liked him a lot.

“You’re looking particularly good today” he said putting down his files and resting his arm on the fridge. Was he posing? It looked like he was posing.
“Uh, not today Will, I’ve had a bad day and already missed a meeting”
“With Jack? He called to let you know he can’t make it. His car broke down due to the wet weather”
“Oh. Well, good. That sort of clears up my morning” Paula was getting self-conscious and started adjusting her hair. She decided she needed a refill and turned back to the machine.
“Why are you barefoot?”
“Oh, my shoe heel broke”
“Haha, I was wondering why you suddenly looked shorter, well, I gotta go read these files. Catch you later!”

Paula said to herself, ‘Think of something witty to say, think of something witty to say! Say something before he leaves!’ But before she could, he had gone. Damn him. Damn him for being so picture perfect and catching her on her ‘bad’ day.  She then had an idea. She had always wanted to do this. She walked back to her cubicle and called Jack’s office and left a message saying she was disappointed Jack didn’t show up, she was expecting to get the work done this morning. She felt a lot better now. And just as she smiled and looked back at her desk, out of the corner of her eye she saw Jack walk in. It wasn’t a pretty sight. The rain had exposed his bald spot and he looked furious. Happier with her day now, she decided to do some actual work!

She had received 34 emails from which 2 were promising leads for new clients. She called them up right away. Having set up a meeting with a client for late afternoon, she decided she needed to get some shoes if she was going to meet him. Good opportunity to talk to Will! He always had an extra pair of trainers that he used for the gym.

She walked past his cubicle twice with papers in her hand just seeing what he was up to. He didn’t look busy. Good time to barge in.

“Hey Will”
He turned around, smiled and said, “Sup”
“I need to borrow you gym shoes. I’m meeting a client this afternoon, I will be in my meeting room, he probably will never see my shoes, but just in case”
As she talked, Will began to laugh.
“‘What’s so funny?”
“Well, just that I’m a size 9 and you are what… a size 6?”
“Its okay, I know Samatha, from accounting, she goes to the gym and her shoes might fit”
“Umm okay, thanks”

A she left, she was thinking two things… one, should she just run down to Barney’s which was about a block from her office and buy a new pair of shoes and second… who the fuck was Samantha?


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