Life without a PC

Violet, my Laptop, my life, has taken ill. Her eyes, which are the gateway to the rest of the world for me, (her super slick HD screen) failed to deliver the 20:20 vision and stunning display that brought color to my life. Violet, my beautiful HP notebook is now at the service center where her innards are being ransacked by some heartless ‘engineer’ who is attempting to bring her back to life.

I hope she is in good hands.

The impact this ‘event’ has had on me is twofold. Naturally life is difficult as i need to use the desktop computers at my school library to blog and any class assignments, which limits the amount of time i can spend on research and actual creativity that goes into my work. That is failry easy to understand, that is how things are. The bigger issue is the sense of helplessness that goes with not having Violet who was central to everything I am.

153 bookmarks on my browser, a perfect setup of Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9, bing and OneNote that facilitated my searches, learning, documenting and doodling. My social networks, blogging and the library of images, documents, supplementary material that i had archived in the last couple of years which i accessed when i needed that creative spark.

Violet was in effect my muse.

I’m told the display issue is hardware only and so i should not lose the ‘information’ i had compiled… (yes, information and not data!) My notes, my links, my life.

It is amazing how dependent i am on device made of plastic & metal. Its amazing how i feel so connected to that ‘device’ that I do to anyone flesh and blood. Aaah technology. You’ve won!

Violet, come back!


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