(fiction) Ham, Astrochimp

I sat in the corner, scratching myself. I could not stop. The air was stale, everything was blue. I stared at my toes for hours, for hours. They were so different from the day before. Why did I have nails? The reason for toe-nails will never be clear to me. I started to shiver, the room was getting colder. I knew there was only a few minutes before the next transition. Usually it involved loss of gravity or the ceiling being removed and the room floating in the clouds, but then clouds may look pretty when you are on Earth… up here… it just makes you wet, and shiver even more.

There was a creek, I knew the ceiling was going to disappear, I scrambled to the back of the of the bed, where there was a small blanket, too small to really help, but it was going to get colder and I wanted to be prepared. I had almost reached it, when the floor shifted. I stopped dead, this was not happening… the floor shifted again… and then, without warning, it disappeared. Oh no. I was falling.

When you realize that the end is near, what do you do? I closed my eyes.The cold was too much, the speed of the descent was numbing me. I stretched my hands back as far as I could. I knew this would only speed up my descent as I glided to the ground. I wanted it to be over. I was after all, a failure. Somehow, I passed out. It was over

I woke up in the blue room. Malcolm was back. He was the supervisor of the experiment. He looked me over and decided I was still fit for another experiment. This time, he strapped me onto a chair and decided it was going to be fun to watch me while the chair rotated at top speed. I was getting dizzy. How did I end up here? Why couldn’t I remember more? Why was Malcolm, a clearly intelligent human being so mean to me?

When the chair finally stopped moving, more scientists came, and started measuring me. They looked very pleased. Looks like they were making progress. Humans get excited really quickly. I felt like I was going to throw up, but decided it was best if I didn’t put on a scene. They may put me in their little experiments, but they were not going to hurt me. Not intentionally, at least that’s how I felt. Wasn’t it obvious? They needed me. I may not be as smart as these humans, but I do know how to put 2 and 2 together. They were preparing me for something big.

— Ham, the chimp



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