(fiction) Chloe makes me wait

The time I spent thinking about her was perhaps matched only by the time I spent waiting for her. On our three dates, she had always shown up late or taken to me a place where she would make me wait, like the time she simple HAD to get a pedicure on a Sunday afternoon previously reserved for a walk on the beach. Normally, I would have disliked waiting for someone, I do not like tardiness, and hanging out in a salon is not my idea of an afternoon well spent but we eventually did walk on the beach, only it was late in the evening and.. why am i complaining? It was better!  And, I liked waiting on Chloe, I liked everything about her. I don’t quite know how to explain this.

Today, was one such day. I was waiting for her at the park we deiced to meet in as it was close to the cinema. They were showing a Spanish film that Chloe wanted to see and I had agreed Spanish movies are great (they are not) and that I love watching them (are you kidding me?) I think she had sensed I was lying anyway…

As usual, I had arrived on time, and I was carrying with me a paperback that I had picked up a few weeks back. I wasn’t reading it, I was too busy looking out for where Chloe was. The sight of seeing her and the rush of emotions I would feel were distracting me from the plot of this book. The book was really there so that passerby’s wouldn’t know what I was up to or realize how desperately in love I was. I kept scanning the edge of the road and checking both my watch and the film tickets. Where was she?

As I waited I noticed couples walk by, hand in hand. They would laugh and occasionally some of them flash me a knowing smile. People in love always know, its a secret we share. For reasons I cant explain, we become… ‘happy’, meanwhile I was fidgety! I could not sit still. On the phone, Chloe had sounded excited and pleased to hear my voice. I had been so glad to find a fellow American in Augouleme, and Chloe was fun to hang out with. She always found new ways to surprise me, if not by her mannerisms, which I found endearing, then by her stories, which I found stunning. She had confessed to me that she was known to exaggerate the truth to tell a better story, so I am not sure if she really did sing backup vocals on a Sheryl Crow concert. I just believed she could do anything. She had done so many things already! And I had fallen for her.

I looked at my watch, it was 5:15. I had been waiting for 15 minutes. Ah Chloe! Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her in the pathway, the same red frock I had seen her in before. I knew it was her! I quickly buried myself in the book. I didn’t want her to know I had been desperately waiting her arrival… I kept my head down and waited… any moment now she was going to call my name and I was going to appear surprised… any… wait… what? She walked past me and hadn’t noticed me… didn’t she see me? I stood up and was watching her go. Should I shout? Should I just call her on the phone? I was thinking these thoughts when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned, I was Chloe! She had her Chanel sunglasses on, and I could see my reflection. Seeing the expression on my face, she burst out laughing…

‘Did I just catch you staring at that girl’s tush?’ she said

‘What? No.. i… I thought that was you!’

‘Oh… then why didn’t you look up when she walked past? I saw you… you were buried in that book’

So what was I going to say now? That I had been pretending to read? That I didn’t want her to know that I was here… simply waiting for her? I decided an explanation was not really necessary… so I paid her a compliment instead.

‘You look stunning in that outfit’

‘Why thank you! Now, let’s go catch that movie! Or are we too late?’ She said as she grabbed my hand and led me out the park. 


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