(fiction) What the brera meant to you…

First tell them how you got there, finally. They need to know… they need to know that you were there and she was the only one. Tell them how you always cared for her and that you went through hell, but made it… for her. You tell them how she would make your day start with a smile. Because when you stood there and looked out at the world, with all the knowledge you had learnt and the formulae and frameworks you had mastered… that when you threw your hat in the air and smiled as a made-man… a graduate… there was more to those years than just the teachings of college professors and what prospective employers would call ‘extra-curricular activities’ More that drove you to excel, something that energized you and made you want to be the best or better than the best. You had changed and you had grown, you had become what she made you. You had become the person you always wanted to be, and now you had earned her.

Like the first time gazing at someone you fall in love with, when everyone you knew could see how you felt and joked about how she was not your type. But you persevered… you took a picture in that mind camera of yours and you made it your mission to seek her out when you became successful. It wasn’t easy, it never is. You set yourself goals that were far-reaching. You berated yourself for mediocrity and made a mission of achieving her and showing your friends who you really were, and that yes, you could pull it off. But while you were adamant that you had found your muse, you never lost sight of what was ultimately your biggest victory, you never took the easy route.

To leave your mark and really taste success, to excel at what you did because your objective was not merely an object of desire, but a persona, a lifestyle that spoke of what the luxury was. What she meant to you. She is the definition of what every man would want. To you, her elegance, her beauty, excellence and grace are irreplaceable. She can be fierce and she can be gentle. You compare her to a lioness but if needed, she is also a doe. You can’t do better that her, in your mind, no one can… and right now… you know it. The fire of her passion, the wonder of seeing her in motion and the thunder of her anger… she makes your world turn and the wind in your hair is a reminder just how far you have come.

You gaze at her, and your friends pat you on the back, they are jealous, the bastards. They smile and admire her as you touch your prized possession. And when you come home… now… even your old man… even he can’t help but admire her beauty. You see the twinkle in his eye as you step out and straighten your back. You have just returned from work, you have just accepted your first paycheck, you have just bought your first car, and she is stunning. She is your Alfa Romeo Brera.


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