I am Zen

I am Zen. I am One. I am Union. I am Uno. I am real. I am Divine. I am mortal. I am immoral. I am fantasy. I am spirit. I am grass. I am snow. I am flames. I am fluid. I am silence. I am sunlight. I am eclipsed. I am misunderstood. I am loyal. I am Kind. I am wicked. I am greedy. I am a ghost. I am a picture. I am film. I am animal. I am royal. I am un-genius.. I am love. I am hate. I am Zen.

That sounds like philosophy, so it must be true. It neednt make any sense. It just needs to be. One step away from being shot. One step away from being crowned. I am eating chocolate. I can talk for hours. I am. I am sleepy. I am Jim Morrison’s biggest god damn fan. I am an idiot. I am a weirdo. I’m a creep. I am a non-alcoholic. I am a singer. A talent. I am undiscovered. I am a walking disaster. I am here. I am there. When you meet me, you frequently say, ‘You should have been there’

See you all in heaven if you can make it there.

If you are not good you go to hell. I cant tell. Make a point. Make a mark. Leave your home. Strike blood. Get a grip get you life. Hang on. Don’t give in… Listen to Floyd. Read Pratchett. Sing Alanis. Breate Alanis. Love Alanis. Go to hell Alanis! New day. Love Katie. Next day… LOVE The Shins. Make way… its Led Zepplin. It’s a divine song… Pathway to  Paradise something… back back! Run! Go to hell. Rock Opera. The Wall?

I am trapped in Melbourne. I am in Italy. I am in New York. I am in Beijing. I am in Atlantis. I am in the Moon. I am where I take my imagination. Sit back… relax… enjoy all this nature stuff. Stiff. Sit. Stand. Sleep. Wake. Awake. Rise. Fall. Legend. Story. Myth Fantasy. Write them; read then. Paraphrase them. Repeat them. Run. On the Run. Time. The Great Gig in the Sky. Money. Us and Them. Any Color you like. Brain Damage. Eclipse. PULSE. DSOTMoon.

Pause, Hit Repeat.


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