I did a few things in the last 24 hours that have finally given me a bit of a mood boost. Lately, the writing has been a bit depressing, yes, i noticed. So anyway, I’m now listening to a lot of upbeat music and am writing a ‘book’ Yes! a book!

I’ve been complaining I didn’t have time and so on and haven’t properly attempted a book in quite a while. Well, this one looks good and is coming along nicely. Its called IMPERFECT, has no connection to the blog post i just had previously. It is going to be a longish, but not LONG. Im sure i will stop at around 40,000 words. Maybe a bot more. 

Right now im close to 4,000 so that’s what? 10%? I give myself until 26th to finish it because thats when I start my new term with Managerial Judgement subject.

This does not mean that there will be a cessation of (fiction) entries from the blog. My blog entries, like my novel, are written on the spot with no idea what the post is going to be about. This means 2 things, both of which can be seen as either good or bad based on how critical you are of me. 1) I can pump out a 600-1000 post any time of the day 2) i don’t work of a theme. 

Okay life, back to you. Bye for now… blogosphere!


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