Brand, Sunrise & Sunset.


So my brand management exam is over and I believe my 4th draft was the real deal, but I reached v 0.9 anyway. However, now that its done and dusted and I don’t have to bother with the American fashion brand EILEEN FISHER, no… sorry… did I say fashion, I meant clothing, for it may be many things, but fashionable it is not. Good riddance! The brand doesn’t deserve a place in high street is all I want to say. With… that done, I had to find something useful with my time. Now, part of me wanted to go back and work on my ‘book’ IMPERFECTS, but by using a strategy that I call happy music, I have been keeping my spirits up, remarkably up… and I didn’t want to jinx it, so I continued my exploration of musical tracks and… while I was listening to ‘Yael Niam’s New Soul’, I remembered a movie recommendation a friend had made, well… 2 movies… ‘Before Sunrise’, and ‘BeforeSunset’ So I watched them.

Before Sunrise

ImageOkay… so the story is remarkably simple, boy meets girl on train, they talk, they part ways… the talk isn’t really important, the chatter is about some really stupid things. It’s the way they talk that matters though… the way Ethan Hawke is keeps on smiling like he is just happy to be in the company of this gorgeous woman who… I should say had the best French accent ever! Then there are a few touches like Vienna’s version of a bum who writes poetry for money and says he will add something to their lives… or the paintings they stare at, the palm reader who is a bit hokey and says that we are all made of stars. Running at less than 90 minutes, the movie packs in a lot of moments like these that you remember fondly even of the central plot of how two people who have such a fantastic connection decide not to exchange numbers and leave it all to fate… well, even if that detail boggles the mind, the night in Vienna that these two youngsters spend is memorable.

We need more movies like this. No more multi-billionaires playing dress up as super heroes. I don’t want a summer block buster, I don’t want a boy wizard saving the world, I just want an idle fantasy of how two people can have it good, if only for a little while.

ImageBefore Sunset

Fast forward 9 years and the two characters from the last film have changed. They live more realistic lives and the boyish charm has been exchanged for a boring personality, for a guy who has nothing interesting to say and has agreed to marry someone because it seemed like the right thing to do. Meanwhile the girl has changed too… gone is the French accent, explained by a few years spent in NYC, she is no longer the idealistic girl with ambitions to be someone… she is instead a sad woman. The conversations, which are much longer are also harder to sit through and despite being set in Paris, the movie fails to capture the imagination… I don’t want hollow throwbacks to the first film… like the comment about fading into molecules… the conversations that seemed so natural in the first movie… really do feel forced in this new one.

Except for the final half hour…

On a ferry ride, there are some beautiful lines that ring of such sadness… ‘Each relationship when it ends it really damages me, I never fully recover’ or … ‘Even being alone is better than sitting next to someone and being lonely’… or perhaps… ‘The idea that we can only be complete with someone else is evil!’

It’s a sudden change and makes the meeting feel real. It stumbles along to a close and it is disappointing. because it tries to be happy. It is disappointing because, this was Paris… yes? And the idea was…. what? That these people spent 9 years leaving depressing lives? So… no… I would have rather skipped Before Sunset.


So that’s 2 movies down… and im now going to bed. Yay life! Its 2:17AM


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