52 topics–Topic 1–Astronomy.

See, the trouble with being inquisitive/curious and having set ambitious goals of learning everything about everything is that you don’t get anything done. I want to learn soooo many things, its hard to stuff it in a 24 hour day. So, I need structure, yes? Naturally, a class room atmosphere is perfect for this and this is probably why I love university life so much. A guilt free reason to spend time reading and improving my mind…

But there are still so  many avenues of information search that I would love to explore. There are the archives of the New Yorker magazine and the atlantic. There are online courses on Coursearea and multiple iTunes university podcasts that I have shelved away, for later.

But later never comes does it?

So, this is the new structure. New strategy, balancing my time and my objectives… 52 topics, each year. This is sort of, like a… resolution. Now, my history with those is terrible… and im also in the midst of trying to work out an actual hobby for myself, so an ambitious goal like this is perhaps not wise.

But, I feel this goal is balanced & achievable. And that’s the way to get things done.

So, Week starting tomorrow, Monday the 24th of September: Astronomy. Why astronomy? Well… why not?






Michio Kaku on topics about astronomy / space / aliens and what not:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqhiFZi04Tc .


itunes Uni podcast


Completely aware that I may have overdone the selection of topics to cover and I may not be able to complete the entire thing in one week, but hey! Gotta aim high right?


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