It’s October

Lets just take a moment and let that title sink in. It’s October. The sentence is incomplete. To explain the gravity of the situation, I should be saying- ‘It’s October –ALREADY!’

Yes! Already! And I’m just as stunned as you (should) be. When I was little, I don’t remember if time seemed to pass by so quickly, what I do know- is that there was just way too much of it. I was young you see, I didn’t value it much. And in retrospect, I remember so little from my first 20 years, I don’t think a lot happened.


(picture taken for a photography event I organized at school. Instagramming my MBS moments – haha)

Clearly, I’m subject to the recency effect bias here. I remember clearly what happened this year, except for the incidents I have blocked out because they are too sad and too dark to remember. Yet, I can barely recall what I did even in 2006. That just seems so long ago. Yet this year- a LOT has happened. As I’ve grown older, I’ve tried to fit more things into my day and ended up feeling like time has somehow accelerated.

Each day is invaluable.

Week 2 of my 52 weeks of topics has been hijacked by school work. I should have expected this. The 52 week project is more suited to a non-MBA student routine.

I have been spending more time trying to come up with creative ideas to implement in the school that make these last few months at MBS more memorable.

Sigh- last few months. It’s October 2012. I need my life back.


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