The art of hobby-making : Part 2, Movie buff

Here are a list of movies I have watched or re-watched in the last month

Midnight in Paris, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Panic Room, Solaris, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Never let me go, Thor, The Avengers, The Hunger Games, Its kind of a funny story, Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol, MIB: 3, The pursuit of happyness, Due Date, The kids are alright, The Social Network, Marley and Me, X-Men First Class… among others.

There is a power in movies that lets you take part in a wondrous epic journey or a small drama that is shared amongst millions. And the narrative or emotions that you experience are a way that you can communicate later. Aren’t we all influenced by characters in movies? Its been amazing watching the incredibility of the events captured in these movies and discussing them with friends, reading reviews- and in the end- simply having fun.

Escapism at its best.

There is a problem however. I cannot really watch as many movies all the time. While I enjoy experience, consider it a memorable art form- I cannot really consider it a hobby because I cannot contribute to the art form. I want to watch movies to travel to places I have not been to. If needed, I want to escape in the past or perhaps my favorite… a science fiction future. But this is a disconnected activity where the simple act of observation seems to dominate. I do not shape my experience, I do not create… and in the end while this is a brilliant excuse to waste a few hours… it is nothing more.

And so… my search continues. Couch potato- movie buff, like photography… is definitely not my thing.


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