On Spiders

My next major work, (left unfinished because of the MBA) will be called, ‘On Spiders’. There is no real reason why i need to write a work of fiction on the life and struggles of being a spider- None. It has never been done before (i hope) and will never be done unless someone lampshades the problem. Which is precisely why i am the one who should do it. 

The life of a spider and the hopes and dreams it has is an interesting topic. Sure you may think I am being silly- but there are 40,000 species of Spiders. So if my book takes of and becomes a series… who will be laughing then eh? Me! 

For some strange reasons, humans have associated spiders to ‘fear’ Well. They also name supercars ‘Spider’, so i am not sure exactly what is going on there. For one, its not a very scary predator. And while i have heard number of tales told of giant spiders, the size of a small car… i believe those to be just that- stories. 

You may be wondering, what story can be told of a spider? Can it be that i shall start with the story of a genetically enhanced spider that bites a human and gives him super powers? eh- since im worried about being sued by Marvel- that plot line is abandoned. I could write a story about how a guy wakes up one day and realizes he is a spider. A little too obvious Kafka rip-off? No… its a lot simpler than all of that. I could start with a lab where they are experimenting on spiders and giving them intelligence… because spiders have 8 hands, so they will be 4 times as productive as humans… (Yes, the humans in my book are idiots) Anyway… things go wrong and spiders take over the world and destroy the statue of liberty and a few astronauts that arrive on earth… umm.- ‘Planet of the Spiders’

I am doomed. Writer’s block is a real thing folks. And i have an Implementation of Strategy exam and a Negotiations assignment and 2 FSA assignments due in the next 2 weeks…

And i can’t seem to come up with an original thought!

Until next time.


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