Where be the dragons?

Let’s face it. Life is just not exciting. We live in a world where taking risk is compared to guys on wall street betting on stocks. In our world, heroes are athletes and not warriors. And the sports while entertaining are deemed safe with limited risk of loss of life or limb. None of these are individually wrong and I do not suggest we strap machine guns to the F1 cars to make them riskier and exciting. 

What I do want however is dragons and horses and… and fairies! A life where heroes slay monsters and command armies. Yes, I ache for a word where the Lord of the Rings is history and not fiction. In my ideal world we do not drive to work- but ride to work. And each day, we face the perils of bandits and magic. Now that would be interesting.

I know that wont happen. I just have to keep dreaming eh?

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