Thought i’d given up on the old blog didn’t you? You maybe figured I had forgotten about this place and started to invest my time in more important things. Maybe you figured I had got a job that would create value for society and more importantly me. But you see- that’s where you were wrong my friend. For writing is more than just a hobby for me. I find it immensely rewarding to set ideas on paper. And i have a LOT of ideas sometimes. 

Take the conversation I had with a friend last night at 12:57 PM. 

I deem it ‘reasonably funny’

Me: i dont know why i need to know this. but i think it will be nice to know!

Unlike the math time tables. I mean seriously… 11 times 11 is 121. so what? School would have been more useful if we had learnt yo mamma jokes instead. I find math completely useless at times. For example, if im having an argument and have to use logic to settle it. Now,  a cool yo mamma joke would let me one up someone in an argument in case i lost.

Disclaimer: I do not support teaching yo mamma jokes at school. I think mathematics is good.


So the reason for my hiatus from the blog for a while has been the holidays. I was away from school and spending far too much time searching jobs, revising my skills, watching a load of television and writing a bit for my fiction book (the one that never finishes!)

It has been a good few months. Now its 2013 and things have so far been looking up. Just one more subject to go before I wrap up my MBA. Hurray! Not sure what my last subject will be – at this point its a toss up between marketing strategy and leadership… 

Before i sign out… one last time everyone… Hurray for me!


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