What next?

I’ve been having many awkward conversations these past few days… here is a sample:

Dude: Yo! Whatzup?

Me: That… 

points behind dude. dude turns. sees nothing and looks back at me confused

Me: Made you look!

dude punches me and moves on

No, that didn’t really happen, but there have been a series of conversations that leave me broken and disturbed me for a few minutes. The essence of the conversation  invariably leads to what’s next for me. What am I going to do after I graduate?

I have received advice. I have been told do what you love, be creative! You are creative, so go be that. Problem is there isn’t a lot of purpose to my creativity. Not right now anyway. I keep typing away and reading random topics, researching subject areas that interest me and shaping my views of the world based on it. Like take for instance the subject of procurement and sourcing. This is definitely a boring topic. I never took the subject supply chain management because the topic didnt interest me much. But… when I heard a podcast that described the challenges that sourcing and procurement specialists face… it got me interested. A few hours later, I had downloaded a few HBR articles, a few white papers from management consulting firms like ATK and McKinsey. Awesome! This topic suddenly made sense and I felt like giving myself a treat.

This was maybe 10 minutes before someone asked me what I was upto, or the way I put it… being punched in the face.

Anyway. I’m watching Elizabeth Gilbert talk about her creative genius… linked below:

I’ve watched this video multiple times and I dont know what it is about her crazy ideas that just makes sense. My creativity – the useless bit of research has no real purpose. Because sometimes… sometimes I feel like I have worked everything out. That knowledge for its own sake is enough.  And right now I am feeling very curious about watches. Let me give you a hint. it involves researching Tag Heuer… learn its entire history, read about its models, all the brand ambassadors they have ever had and… Only problem with this line of research is that I cant see any possible way to monetize it.

Who know’s what next?

Do I need to have a reason to just research a topic I want to learn more about? Hey, its 4AM, I dont have to make a lot of sense at this time. 


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