Wreck of the day…

Wreck of the day…

This is a playlist I have complied… click the link above to navigate to youtube… 

You know, in the age of digital music and always available streaming, on the move, in your phone, in your car… everywhere music!!! Well… yes, in that age… I have observed 2 trends in how I listen to music…

a) Discovering a new artist is a bit disappointing  cause I actually know that I have arrived late at the party. Almost always, the music has been cherished by a group of ardent fans and so my discovery doesn’t meant anything… Its not like I went to a friends house and heard a song on the stereo, had a conversation and decided this was it… this was it!! Instead, i find my music on spotify amongst millions of tracks… and (yes) its serendipity some times when I end up with something I like, but it is also… science. Because the songs I listen to are based on things like ‘related artists’ and other features… The whole thing is a little impersonal. 

b) The second is the art of a mix tape- which is almost lost. Sure there is 8tracks,com, and it has hand crafted playlists, but that hasn’t really hit it big yet. And the problem there is, a few people have emerged on the top and are shepherding the crowd to their music tastes… which is good, but I want to share musical likes and dislikes with people I know… not nameless people on the Internet.

But on the net, where you can hit next on any track any time and with so many songs and so many things to do, time is valuable and so do I really have the patience to laboriously search for b-side gems? Not really… what happens instead is the law of averages where I wait for a critical mass of people to gravitate to particular track and then I listen to that because it is generally accepted to be good.

But anyway!! Linked to this post is a playlist of 10 tracks… 10 female voices I luuuve!

1. Anna Nalick – Wreck of the day, 2) KT Tunstall – Other side of the world, 3) Rachel Yamagata – Reason why, 4) Missy Higgins – Where i stood, 5) Ingrid Michaelson – The way I am, 6) Annie Lennox – Waiting in vain, 7) Brandi Carlile – The Story, 8) Prichilla Ahn – Wallflower, 9) She & Him – I thought i saw your face today and 10) The Cranberries – Linger

So… maybe you will find a new artist here… and be my ‘wallflower friend’

bye bye!



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