Florence + The Machine

This is an attempt to review music. Now, naturally I expect scepticism. Music reviews are notorious for being subjective and tend to follow a pattern that is quite unlike anything you read. But I am taking a shot at this because I have in the past spoken at length about the kind of music I like and how I listen to or discover new artists. I have also on two separate occasions posted playlists here… so well, if I put it that way this isn’t really as left field as I initially made it out to be.

Florence + The Machine, a British indie rock group made of the red-head lead singer Florence Welch and producer/songwriter Isabella ‘Machine’ Summers. For the last 3 days I have been obsessed with their 2 studio albums, Lungs (2009) and Ceremonials (2011). Their sound can best be described as Soul + Rock. Florence has a powerful voice and very expressive. Each track evokes feelings of celebration and an ‘event’! 

Let me get the one spot of bother I have about the music out there from the get go. The music is relentless and if you plan to sing along… you will be exhausted pretty soon. You will however also be pumped and excited! This is both the best, and the worst part of their music… the music is too powerful! When Florence belts out her lyrics, she takes you on a ride she makes you want to get up and move! Listening to tracks like Howl and Drumming song, more than one I found myself raising my hands up in the air as a sign of victory and achievement. There has got to be an award handed out for being able to make people feel good about themselves when they listen to your music!!

My favourite tracks are Howl, Drumming Song, Cosmic Love and Shake it Out. 
I’m linking the YouTube links for them below:

1. Drumming Song

2. Shake it Out

3. Howl  

4. Cosmic Love


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