You’re just like my sister

Argubly the cutest scene in the show. Freaks and Geeks, a gem of the 90’s TV… and now considered a cult classic. It was a launch pad for many of today’s Hollywood starlets was remarkable for its relatable and genuine characters. Pity it only lasted one season.

Sam Wier, the geeky kid in this scene was one of my favourite characters. We first meet Sam when he is being bullied outside of school and his elder sister ‘with issues’ – Lindsay comes to his rescue. Always overshadowed by his sister and with a smallish frame, Sam is a sweet little fella whom you immediately root for. He is the underdog. We learn that he has a crush on the cheerleader Cindy Sanders and naturally we want him to ‘go get her!’

In this clip, Cindy has just asked Sam out for an after school get together. Finally! Sam is going to get his girl! But well… you just saw what happens… At first this annoyed me a lot- it looked the writers were cheapening the plot. But then we learn that Sam tries to be the friend- the good guy. Listening to phone calls and being honour bound to be shoulder you can cry on. (face palm) But who amongst us can honestly say that they have never been in a similar situation?

Oh I so dislike Cindy Sanders.

Later in the plot Cindy and Sam do get together and it turns out Cindy is boring. There are so many things great about the show, the first episode actually ends with a homecoming dance and Sam and Cindy end up on the dancefloor. It was supposed to be a slow number, romantic and  all… but just at the (wrong?) right moment… the song changes and that is pretty much the story of Sam’s life. Everything goes wrong for him. But he stands up for himself in the end. I really wonder what Sam would have turned out like if we had had more than one season.


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