Still into you!

Paramore is back!
I’ve been a fan since Riot came out way back in 2007. Paramore’s music is catchy rock… fun to dance around to. Also, according to the like statistics on facebook, the 18-24 age group is their biggest audience.

Well, nearly 9 years after the release of their first album ‘All we know is falling’ in 2005- Paramore are releasing their self-titled album in… 4 days! They have released 2 tracks from the album, the first single- ‘Now’ was probably trending more owing to the fact that the video was simply crazy. Well., this second track makes this upcoming album my most anticipated yet!

‘I’m still into you’ hits all the right numbers for me. It’s such a happy song! I can imagine Hayley Williams- or ‘Yelyah Williams’!! tossing her bright orange hair around and singing her heart out as she professes her love. I’d love to see Paramore live. From the performances I have seen on youtube, they are awesome even when live… lets owe it to the fiery Hayley shall we? Readers should note I have a soft spot for her. Much like Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine… Hayley Williams is maybe bigger than the band.

Ah anyway!
4 days to go!
4 days to go!



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