Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Modern Romance.

Been listening to this all day. I don’t want to try explaining the meaning of the linked video. It isn’t official and so its interpretation of the song is up for questioning. I like it- that is all. The song… the song is a different matter though. I adore it!
Yeah Yeah Yeahs are not exactly known for songs like this. Sung in a slightly breaking voice, this is a song about heartbreak and the idea of moving on. Expertly crafted and a true gem on the B-Sides of the album ‘Fever to Tell’, this song should be heard over and over again when seeking solace and comfort doing some light reading or simply sipping coffee waiting for the sun to set. Things you do alone. Things that you must do alone…
That actually is a great visual metaphor for this song… the sun setting, time… time is gone. I was wrong, it never lasts… this is no, there is no modern romance.
She is sitting on a beach sipping a drink with an umbrella on it. She is a brunette, late 20’s or early 30’s. She is reading a novel, she wears a hat that she tips her hat to the passing family. She returns to the book, we see a few images from the past… the camera pans out behind her. As the song ends, her dog who was playing on the beach runs up to her, she hugs him, packs up ready to leave.
That’s it. I am applying for ‘Music Video – Director job next. Hey Yeah Yeah Yeahs!! Call me.


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