Letting go is e…

Letting go is easy- its moving on that’s difficult – Meredith Grey – Grey’s Anatomy (Season 8)

Oh okay, so I like the drama of Grey’s anatomy. It’s drama that’s written well, with complex characters, great performances, really spot on humor… and just the right amount of cheesy. The best bit though about Grey’s is the relationships and these quotations. See, its not easy to come up with a quote that summarizes the plot of an episode. The writer’s at Grey’s deserve the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Its good enough for me to publicly acknowledge that I know who McDreamy and McSteamy is. I know all the secrets- all the secrets! And I could bore you with the details- but fear not! All I am going to say is that sure there are times when I go, ‘Oh no you didn’t!’, but… at other times, I’m taken aback at how cleverly the plot is structured.

take this quote for eg…

letting go is easy.

Yes, in the heat of the moment people say something and they may even mean it.

But moving on?

That’s something entirely different. To move on you need to over come any regret- stop yourself every time you reach for the phone and trash all the unsent messages. Every single time. Grey’s anatomy is peppered with such insights on human behaviour. And each time tempo of the music picks up or the right lines, the temper tantrums, the tears are brought on camera… say it with me people… R.E.S.P.E.C.T


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