Walter Moers – Rumo and his Miraculous Adventures – REVIEW

Rumo & His Miraculous Adventures (Zamonia, #3)Rumo & His Miraculous Adventures by Walter Moers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Walter Moers is a story teller.
Not a novelist, not a brilliant literary genius… he is a story teller. His genius is in spinning a yarn and ensuring you are hooked. He may have ADHD, the way he keeps changing track and tells stories about each character, each city, each historical event… and through all of it he holds your interest. I’d say carrot on the stick, but I never really wanted the book to end!

Rumo, a wolperting- which is a half dog, half deer- and his journey through the land of Zamonia to find Rala (his silver thread…) his encounters with the copper killers, his journey through ‘Hel’, his talking sword… see? the book has all the ingredients to make the perfect/awesome bedtime story. And it does not disappointing.

And its mature to!
Dont be fooled by the cover and the illustrations and the funny name… i mean really? the hero of this land is called Rumo? a talking dog with deer horns? But this is not a children’s book, its dark at times… very dark. I’m talking Torture chamber’s, blood dripping from the ceiling… horror stories!! But it is also one of the best books in its genre of ‘fantasy-fiction-for-all’ that I have read.
Think of the princess bride… with better imagination!

A must read.

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