Diagon Alley, no longer safe!!

We all know I would be in Slytherin. Lets not be weird about it.

I merely wanted to point out my article in the Daily prophet yesterday. It relates to the recent mapping of Diagon alley on Google Streetview.


Diagon Alley is no longer safe!!

The wizarding world has been in a right state of uproar these last few days when it came to our notice that a Muggles have managed to breach the previously impenetrable charms placed upon Diagon Alley and posted a unique view of it on their mass communication network called- the internet. The ministry of magic was at first reluctant to provide details, but the sordid state of affairs seems to have left them with egg on their face! With one of our secrets so easily unraveled, the wizarding community is asking- are we ever going to be safe from the muggles?

The first sign of trouble was when earlier last month there were hushed reports that the Accidental Magical reversal Squad being dispatched to Diagon Alley to handle a suspected breach when a group of Muggles wearing what was described as ‘very muggle’ clothing with the words ‘Google’ inscribed on them had chanced upon the Leaky Cauldron. It was later revealed that they had also entered Diagon Alley and taken several pictures. While the barman Tom remains unavailable for questioning, the Daily Prophet was able to gather details from respected citizen Mundungus Fletcher.

‘Yes, came right in they did! Had strange equipment and kept smiling at everyone. I think it was Tom that had let em in in Diagon Alley you know. And these ‘Google’ guys just seemed to be taking pictures’

Mr. Fletcher later recalls he became suspicious when he noticed that the Googler’s didn’t seem to carry wands and the pictures they took had no moving characters. A sure sign that they were muggles.

‘Put me in a right state that did! I suspected they were muggles right from the start see? And then all this nonsense! And now Diagon Alley can be seen by all the Muggles on this internet thing! It should be right off to Azkaban for poor old Tom, betraying our secrets like that. Poor bloke. He was the decent sort. A bit thick in the head if you ask me.”

Muggle expert and the retired head of the department for the misuse of Muggle artifacts office Arthur Weasley commented that the memory charm placed on the Muggle Googlers when they were escorted from the leaky cauldron failed as they were wearing ‘Ray-Bans’ He also said that while the devices they used to take pictures were indeed wiped clean, the pictures were already on the cloud! We have been lax with our security measures! We must not underestimate the Muggles! We must not underestimate Google!’

Ministry officials declined to comment on Mr. Weasley’s accusations. They instead released a comment stating that every precaution shall be taken to prevent such breaches in the future and has urged the public to remain calm.

‘It is our opinion that this is an isolated incident and that the activities of ‘these Google guys’ will not bring about any harm to our way of life’

Are the ministry being naïve? Are they covering something up? The daily prophet, and I, your correspondent Rahul Mishra will continue to investigate!


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