Dance like nobody’s watching

Right, so when video’s based on this idea started showing up on YouTube- I was hooked. They were dumb. Dumb fun!

In case you are unfamiliar with dance like nobody’s watching, then watch these…

Now I have been kind to you and posted the best ones. Some of the video’s posted on YouTube are best left unwatched.

When this movement started- (yes, it was a movement)… it was limited to a few bloggers. But now, pop music artist Sara Barailles has released a (wonderfu!)l track ‘brave’, where the video uses the same concept. It is as if ‘Dance like nobody’s watching’ suddenly hit mainstream.

This is a good thing.. while I am no dancer, I do like people making a foll of themselves. Arguably, the finished product is actually hilarious and well worth the momentary, if any, embarrassment… but since my sole purpose in life is to judge everyone… I feel my task is fulfilled.

Incidentally, the video is directed by Rashida Jones, the actress from Parks and Recreation which is currently on my ‘to-watch-before=I-die’ list. This is different from a bucket list because that may involve things to do other than watching stuff.

Watch those videos. Listen to all the great music and feel free to spaz out and start dancing in a public space.


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