Oh well this is a first…

I’m blogging from a phone. I think the appropriate format here is to micro-blog. That is what is expected from a phone is it not? A careless thoughtless process by which you tweet about how your day is going and show off that new selfie or do up your nails and instagram them.
I jest of course. I love twitter and instagram. Its only tumblr and pinterest that I take real issue with because while I do like them as time sinks browsing an endless stream… But I always feel incomplete after doing so.

1. Its endless and
2. Maybe 5% is original and the rest is just reblogs and reshares.

They are our cultures greatest enablers of plagiarism. And twitter? Oh that is just as bad.

But getting back to where I started from… I’m blogging from a phone. A Nexus 5 currently playing the new, well, the new-ish ‘She & Him’ album while I try and decide if Zooey Deschanel has a perpetual sore throat or is this her signature sound. I feel I’m transported to the 60s listening to her album and that makes this entire process of using a smart phone to blog so surreal.

Be that as it may… I still need to talk about what has been going down and up and anything significant to report in my life… Of which there is unfortunately nothing. Yea I did recently binge watch downtown abbey again and that was a happy weekend.

But lets get this out of the way…

Summary is… My work is good. Exploring android on my phone is good. Reading books has stopped and this is not good. Haven’t really watched any interesting movie, TV show or even documentary that has engaged me which is kinda bad. And finally my blog has been ignored which is unforgivable!!

Let’s not do this again… This listing down things. It reminds me that I in fact do not have it all..
And that is just depressing!

Okay… Heading back to my self directed and starring role of ‘day dreaming presents… the fabulous life’.
Uff that sounded awful. Need to come up with a better title for this movie always playing in my head.


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