Damn You Red Wedding.

The Red Wedding. It is worse when you know its coming. (Spoiler Alert)
Here is the playlist I’m listening to so I may recover.

There is something strange about the way I unwind these days. I either am endlessly reading the Game of Thrones series or I am listening to the same tracks over and over again. The music helps me recover from all that is going on in this world. And while I listen, I mull over the next thing I really want to do. That is either a trip to some nicer place or a staycation (stay at home vacation) where I lose myself in either a different city or a different world (book) Yes, another book because as much as I like it, Game of Thrones, if I have to resort to listening to happier songs to recover then something is really not right! It is getting a little frustratingly dark and miserable in Westeros. The cast of characters are so great and I absolutely love the books, but I’d much rather be reading a more uplifting happier tale.

When you kill of important characters, whose deaths impact my favourite characters then I am not impressed. Arya  Stark is my favourite character and Tyrion is a close second. I like Arya because she is vengeful and on the road. She is the underdog and I feel only darkness and death awaits her. She is like the little boy from the game Limbo. Her fate cannot be a happy one. But as she grows harder and less like her former self, I feel I am seeing a transformation from innocent, playful girl to a cold assassin. Will she kill Cersei? Or the Jaimie? Both? Petry? All of them? Or will she be denied even that?

I prefer stories that have a sense of hope. Some of the best books I’ve read have not been kind to me however. Gatsby, Gone With the Wind, The Thorn Birds, The Dark Tower, Atonement have all ended leaving me unhappy and GoT for all its fantasy, politics, scheming and wonder is, I fear, heading the same direction. 

A fine way to fill my free time eh?

And so I listen to the Smiths, Paramore and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s to try and lift those spirits right back up. And then maybe I can start obsessing about something else. Maybe work. Haha. All this music is to remedy the murder. There has been enough bloodshed for today, So here is a happy unhappy track to help me forget.

It is 12:44 AM on the night of 25th may 2014. I have a warm coffee mug and am thinking happy thoughts. All is well. And sorry Arya, you are an orphan.


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