My friends, the Macbook Air users…

Most of my creative friends own a Macbook Air. They also possess 1) a pair of shades, 2) t-shirts with the latest punk metal band’s image inscribed on them, 3) a diet plan that would make most fitness trainers chest swell with pride, 4) an enviable reading habit and 5) a repulsive drinking habit.

I adore them… really. For all those reasons and more. But I never really understood why their upper middle-class, well educated, highly chic lifestyle necessitated the presence of a Macbook Air.

For all the talk of visiting wineries, playing golf, knowing the difference between what is cool and what is cool… I could not forgive this. A contentious issue often debated as mac vs. pc, I didn’t buy the argument that somehow using this device made you creative. I felt it was a signal that you aspired to creativity. Any advertising executive who dresses up like an advertising executive knows what I am talking about.

While I took issue with Apple as a brand and still believe that the Air was adopted by my creative friends because it branded them as ‘creative’- I need only look at all the women carrying Louis Vuitton handbags and the throves of young adults using Snapchat to know that this affiliation to the brand is not an uncommon or worrying trend. All of this is superficial. Using Snapchat does not make you cool and owning a LV bag does not make you more desirable. But- Am I not reading Game of Thrones simply because it is expected of every nerd to know the backstory of Lannisters and the Starks? Am I not trying to conform as well?

Yes, so my creative friends were conforming. While they endlessly praised the aesthetics of the notebook and the unique unibody design and the ‘mission control’ and ‘notification bar’ and the ‘dock’… they were really only selling the brand to themselves. How luck Apple is to have its own clan, really. 🙂

The funniest incident was a friend who asked me ‘Does windows have apps?’ and I replied, ‘Yes, for decades… only we call them programs’ I said the word programs slowly, weighing every syllable, letting the sarcasm really show through.

Anyway, for the past 10 months, I have been a Macbook Air user. No I did not acquire the device to experiment or to identify myself as a creative. I am not that creative to begin with 🙂 However, this exercise gave me the opportunity to really compare my Windows world with that of the Mac- and this is wot I think…

The Mac is cool. It is light, fast and something I use to launch Chrome and that is really all I care about. Having said that… I would not part with the Mac for any new Windows PC. The main reason for this is the latest version of Windows that I do not like… but really, its a little deeper than that. I am not a Mac convert by any stretch of the imagination. I still think I would be more productive and more creative on a PC… but that is simply because I have used PC’s for so long that I know the internals. But, the Mac has proven a worthy companion. yes- my output on the blog has reduced and I don’t spend as much time sitting in coffee shops typing a novel or a blog post…

Although the Mac demands attention… I do not provide it any.

The reason for my love/hate relationship with my Air right now is… I do not have the time to leisurely explore everything the device and do. I am determined to be ruthlessly efficient in my tasks and that entails – more of than not –  my work. Now we have been talking for a while and I believe I can say this without any judgement here, because this is our safe place – I am a workaholic. And yes- I sleep enough. 6 hours or thereabouts though every once a while I may drop dead for 15 hrs or more.

When I have the time, or am not pre-occupied by some task at work, I am able to spend some time thinking about writing a novel, or reading a new book. But presently with the Mac, I see this potential and still I squander it. Perhaps the branding can even influence my work… who knows? Maybe the next blogpost or novella I start on the Mac will actually be worth reading 🙂 Dude- stranger things have happened.

Coming back full circle on my awesome friends who adored their Mac. I forgive you. I can see why you liked it. It was convenient and it provided you with the brand. And there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe I should not have questioned the choice in the first place. So, uh… sorry.


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