Uncomfortably excited about Gone Girl

There are two things you need to know about Gone Girl to be totally sold. And one of them is not the plot- which the trailer sort of hints at as being on-par with a case-of-the-week crime procedural. So boring, so been-there-done-that. But wait- it is actually a lot better than you think.

1) Its directed by David Fincher, who with a resume that includes awesome movies like Se7en and The Social Network, is easily one of the best directors around. Even his lesser known movies like 1997’s ‘The Game’ are nothing short of extraordinary.

2) The movie is adapted from a book of the same name that I completed this past week. Gone Girl by author Gillian Flynn is a really interesting, dark, suspense novel. I loved the book and we know that Fincher is great at adapting thrillers to the big screen as he did with Girl with the Dragon tattoo.

So yes, this is going to be a good movie, early reviews have been very positive: Here is the trailer.

Now, it is easy to jump to conclusions. This is just like an episode of a crime drama. It looks like it may be a story of how it is always the husband. But trust me, the novel is very well written and Rosamund Pike’s haunting dairy pages which are narrated in the trailer are maybe the best part of the book. The story is told with both the husband and wife’s point of view. And most of the problems these two have is because they do not talk to each other and explain what it is that they are thinking. They always want not to obsess about the others shortcomings, because they are not like that. But then they bottle up the anger. The husband- whom we dislike right from the start is not a likable character. This is in large part because the wife’s dairy reveals she is actually a very happy, very nice, very interesting. But, as the story progresses, we realize she is maybe not the innocent victim of a bad marriage. The husband meanwhile does nothing to improve his case. He does not appear to be the innocent guy who is being framed. There is a particular scene in the trailer where Ben Affleck smiles next to the picture of the missing wife. A man smiling while his wife has been missing? Taking selfies with pretty girls? he ignores his wife, borrows money from her, jacks up her insurance and while a lot of this is starting to sound clichéd, it is handled very well.

Perhaps a mark of how good an author Gillian Flynn is that I have basically butchered her story in that summary. I really have a lot of improving to do!

The book moves really fast and both the husband and the wife hide things from us. I am not sure how this will be handled in the movie, but I am optimistic and uncomfortably excited…


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