Twin Sister and more good times


That title is a little misleading. It suggests I am having good times. I am having… okay times. But one area of my life where I am having a great time is music.

The current track I am jamming to is Bad Street by Twin Sister

It basically rocks. I wont have it any other way.

My music setup currently involves a pair of v-moda m100’s and m80’s. Both are great headphones. I really pick one up based on how mobile I want to be. At home, I have definitive technology’s incline speakers that are a standard 2 channel affair, but include a DSP and can pump out some amazing bass. So, yes, I am curating my musical experience carefully.

And there is nothing better than putting together a playlist and tearing up in joy, or sorrow, based on the mood. When music is this good, I start to understand why music has the power to unite. A concert filled with hundreds of thousands of people just swaying to an anthemic track. Or maybe an intimate live track that reminds you of the garage band you wanted to start. Maybe you had a go at the electric guitar once and felt that if only you possessed a little bit of skill you could become a God. It’s great that even as a passive listener, music lets us participate in the event, and remember with all its texture intact.

The past few months have been more that just discovering great music. I hate to admit it, but I have been a bit of a recluse- and yet, I have had a good time. I think on balance, this is the best I have felt in a great long while. A part of it is maybe the halo effect of the job- which I still love and have a great time every day. But it is more than that. There is peace of mind. Not having to worry about a hundred different things and instead spending time with myself, building my personal space in a way I find fit. All that’s missing is a cat and I would be certifiably depressed- or worse, a hipster. Good thing that I can’t really stand cats. Dogs though- maybe a cute puppy that can pull in the ladies…. that’s a joke.

Sorry this post has been a bit scatter brained. I haven’t tried to really organize my thoughts, simply typed along to the music. But hey… enjoy the music, yeah?


Hippie, Wes Anderson-y, VHS, Retro, Technicolor awesome

A look at my spotify playlists would lead most people to start recommending the nearest therapist and sharing their most personal, insightful remedies to forget the past and be happy.

Little do they know- sometimes, it feels good to be listen to some calm yet dreary sad music. It helps me focus on what I am working. But there are other times when I am really looking for a nice way to unwind and put a smile on my face. And in such seredipicious moments, like today, it was this song that rescued me.

Right, this movie will likely be okay to watch, but that’s not what caught my eye here. Its the cinematography, the color, the peppy, 50ish soundtrack. It does sound exactly likeBelle and Sebastian and its easy to tell why when you work out the origins of the band.

And here is the full song:

From a below average day, this song propelled my mood to aha! wonderful! The power of music eh?

And my remedy dear reader is not rainbows and butterflies. Although that does help. I would much rather picture summer days, snapping away pictures of tourists having a good time. Maybe being a teenager and care free at a fair, trying out the rides and spinning around until I’m dizzy. All these scenes of course would not be out of place in a Wes Anderson flick. And that would be awesome. That is after all my ideal vacation. Fantasy, but in real life. Or rather, my inflated sense of self importance where my story is narrated. And has chapters. And is just under 90 mins. I really have work to do, the break should be short and sweet.

Maybe its a good thing I’m not always in my happy mood. I seem to be getting some strange ideas when I am there.

Damn You Red Wedding.

The Red Wedding. It is worse when you know its coming. (Spoiler Alert)
Here is the playlist I’m listening to so I may recover.

There is something strange about the way I unwind these days. I either am endlessly reading the Game of Thrones series or I am listening to the same tracks over and over again. The music helps me recover from all that is going on in this world. And while I listen, I mull over the next thing I really want to do. That is either a trip to some nicer place or a staycation (stay at home vacation) where I lose myself in either a different city or a different world (book) Yes, another book because as much as I like it, Game of Thrones, if I have to resort to listening to happier songs to recover then something is really not right! It is getting a little frustratingly dark and miserable in Westeros. The cast of characters are so great and I absolutely love the books, but I’d much rather be reading a more uplifting happier tale.

When you kill of important characters, whose deaths impact my favourite characters then I am not impressed. Arya  Stark is my favourite character and Tyrion is a close second. I like Arya because she is vengeful and on the road. She is the underdog and I feel only darkness and death awaits her. She is like the little boy from the game Limbo. Her fate cannot be a happy one. But as she grows harder and less like her former self, I feel I am seeing a transformation from innocent, playful girl to a cold assassin. Will she kill Cersei? Or the Jaimie? Both? Petry? All of them? Or will she be denied even that?

I prefer stories that have a sense of hope. Some of the best books I’ve read have not been kind to me however. Gatsby, Gone With the Wind, The Thorn Birds, The Dark Tower, Atonement have all ended leaving me unhappy and GoT for all its fantasy, politics, scheming and wonder is, I fear, heading the same direction. 

A fine way to fill my free time eh?

And so I listen to the Smiths, Paramore and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s to try and lift those spirits right back up. And then maybe I can start obsessing about something else. Maybe work. Haha. All this music is to remedy the murder. There has been enough bloodshed for today, So here is a happy unhappy track to help me forget.

It is 12:44 AM on the night of 25th may 2014. I have a warm coffee mug and am thinking happy thoughts. All is well. And sorry Arya, you are an orphan.

Dance like nobody’s watching

Right, so when video’s based on this idea started showing up on YouTube- I was hooked. They were dumb. Dumb fun!

In case you are unfamiliar with dance like nobody’s watching, then watch these…

Now I have been kind to you and posted the best ones. Some of the video’s posted on YouTube are best left unwatched.

When this movement started- (yes, it was a movement)… it was limited to a few bloggers. But now, pop music artist Sara Barailles has released a (wonderfu!)l track ‘brave’, where the video uses the same concept. It is as if ‘Dance like nobody’s watching’ suddenly hit mainstream.

This is a good thing.. while I am no dancer, I do like people making a foll of themselves. Arguably, the finished product is actually hilarious and well worth the momentary, if any, embarrassment… but since my sole purpose in life is to judge everyone… I feel my task is fulfilled.

Incidentally, the video is directed by Rashida Jones, the actress from Parks and Recreation which is currently on my ‘to-watch-before=I-die’ list. This is different from a bucket list because that may involve things to do other than watching stuff.

Watch those videos. Listen to all the great music and feel free to spaz out and start dancing in a public space.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Modern Romance.

Been listening to this all day. I don’t want to try explaining the meaning of the linked video. It isn’t official and so its interpretation of the song is up for questioning. I like it- that is all. The song… the song is a different matter though. I adore it!
Yeah Yeah Yeahs are not exactly known for songs like this. Sung in a slightly breaking voice, this is a song about heartbreak and the idea of moving on. Expertly crafted and a true gem on the B-Sides of the album ‘Fever to Tell’, this song should be heard over and over again when seeking solace and comfort doing some light reading or simply sipping coffee waiting for the sun to set. Things you do alone. Things that you must do alone…
That actually is a great visual metaphor for this song… the sun setting, time… time is gone. I was wrong, it never lasts… this is no, there is no modern romance.
She is sitting on a beach sipping a drink with an umbrella on it. She is a brunette, late 20’s or early 30’s. She is reading a novel, she wears a hat that she tips her hat to the passing family. She returns to the book, we see a few images from the past… the camera pans out behind her. As the song ends, her dog who was playing on the beach runs up to her, she hugs him, packs up ready to leave.
That’s it. I am applying for ‘Music Video – Director job next. Hey Yeah Yeah Yeahs!! Call me.

Goodbye to love – The Carpenters

I’m leaving on a jet plane…. well, all packed, ready to leave and just waiting on my cab.

I needed an emotional release.
So here is what I am listening to. On repeat.

Still into you!

Paramore is back!
I’ve been a fan since Riot came out way back in 2007. Paramore’s music is catchy rock… fun to dance around to. Also, according to the like statistics on facebook, the 18-24 age group is their biggest audience.

Well, nearly 9 years after the release of their first album ‘All we know is falling’ in 2005- Paramore are releasing their self-titled album in… 4 days! They have released 2 tracks from the album, the first single- ‘Now’ was probably trending more owing to the fact that the video was simply crazy. Well., this second track makes this upcoming album my most anticipated yet!

‘I’m still into you’ hits all the right numbers for me. It’s such a happy song! I can imagine Hayley Williams- or ‘Yelyah Williams’!! tossing her bright orange hair around and singing her heart out as she professes her love. I’d love to see Paramore live. From the performances I have seen on youtube, they are awesome even when live… lets owe it to the fiery Hayley shall we? Readers should note I have a soft spot for her. Much like Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine… Hayley Williams is maybe bigger than the band.

Ah anyway!
4 days to go!
4 days to go!