So I went from INTJ to ISFP.

How did that happen?

I took myers briggs today because I have more free time than sense and I measure my personality by filling forms and live how the results tell me how I should be living. If the results say I am a creative, I need to create and if it says I am a hopeless depressive, then I start listening to brooding songs. Jokes aside, I just moved from a personality type that is more methodical and analyzing to one that is all fluffy emotions and lets be best friends for ever buddy!!
The problem here is that I think I am actually changing as well. So its more than just the piece of paper sending me a message. I am fairly certain that I am not the typical INTJ any more. Or that I never was. Perhaps I was mechanical in at work and did a few things by following protocol. But there were always wild flourishes of creativity, humor and cool-ness about my work as well. In the end of the day, I do care about things like empathy and yes, I do like pretty/artistic things and reading people’s body language.

Why do I do this? I have no idea. Maybe I have always done it. The INTJ was perhaps a mistake.

So what does my new ISFP status mean to anyone who interacts with me? Well, from what they say here…( it sounds like the following atleast they get right.

1.  ISFP is likely to not give themselves enough credit for the things which they do extremely well (Yes)

2. ISFPs have no desire to lead or control others (Never wanted to and probably never should)

3. ISFPs are warm and sympathetic.(I try. you know nobody’s perfect)

4. ISFPs tend to be quiet and reserved, and difficult to get to know well. (But if i start talking you will… haha)

5. Life is not likely to be extremely easy for the ISFP, because they take life so seriously. (You can say that again. if buyer’s remorse tends to keep me up at night and minor decisions put me in a ‘state’, I can tell that my life is going to be atypical and stressful.)

The reality is though, I am sure I could find common themes in any number of other personality types. Can’t really live by this can I? I just need to do my own thing and it happens to result in an ISFP personality type, then so be it.

Alternatively- maybe I am not so easily defined. Maybe life is not so simple or I am not so simple that an an ISFP or INTJ can correctly predict my behaviour at all times. Time will tell.



  1. Maggie · April 19, 2015

    Well that’s odd. I made the same INTJ-to-ISFP change and googled how that can happen and poof – this blog post appeared in the search results. Good luck my fellow ISFP!

  2. arvidwalton · May 15, 2015

    Have you considered the idea that you were actually a mistyped ISFP all along? The MBTI tests aren’t as accurate as self-typing yourself using the jungian functions. ISFPs have all the same cognitive functions as INTJs, which often leads to ISFPs thinking they’re INTJs because they stressed the wrong aspects of their personalities while taking the test.

    As an INTJ myself, I will say that your writing doesn’t sound very INTJ-ish.

    • Ferina · September 25, 2015

      I tend to have the same thing here! My sibling gave the test results to get INTJ and was excited of how it is the mastermind and so on and all of a sudden for months and months everyone in the family heard about personality types and how each and every aspect of our functions can totally make sense with the 16 personality types. As an INFP, I find my sibling deep in emotions and happen to have a husband who is an IxTJ (not sure about the x although the test said N, but I see more S- maybe 50/5). Zou had to see the reactions I got after telling her that I see more of an ISFP rather than INTJ in you! I am beginning to think that all these jungian functions and mbti things come to an end when it comes to ISFP-INTJ having the same cognitive functions! Especially with INTJ having little emotions and ISFP being so good in pretending and acting while having NO idea about it. Sorry if it sounds cruel or anything but by acting I mean to say how originally artistic ISFPs are and I just love that! (while I also love my husband) But now I have the problem of a sibling who is offended but claims otherwise and somebody help me please!!!

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