Twin Sister and more good times


That title is a little misleading. It suggests I am having good times. I am having… okay times. But one area of my life where I am having a great time is music.

The current track I am jamming to is Bad Street by Twin Sister

It basically rocks. I wont have it any other way.

My music setup currently involves a pair of v-moda m100’s and m80’s. Both are great headphones. I really pick one up based on how mobile I want to be. At home, I have definitive technology’s incline speakers that are a standard 2 channel affair, but include a DSP and can pump out some amazing bass. So, yes, I am curating my musical experience carefully.

And there is nothing better than putting together a playlist and tearing up in joy, or sorrow, based on the mood. When music is this good, I start to understand why music has the power to unite. A concert filled with hundreds of thousands of people just swaying to an anthemic track. Or maybe an intimate live track that reminds you of the garage band you wanted to start. Maybe you had a go at the electric guitar once and felt that if only you possessed a little bit of skill you could become a God. It’s great that even as a passive listener, music lets us participate in the event, and remember with all its texture intact.

The past few months have been more that just discovering great music. I hate to admit it, but I have been a bit of a recluse- and yet, I have had a good time. I think on balance, this is the best I have felt in a great long while. A part of it is maybe the halo effect of the job- which I still love and have a great time every day. But it is more than that. There is peace of mind. Not having to worry about a hundred different things and instead spending time with myself, building my personal space in a way I find fit. All that’s missing is a cat and I would be certifiably depressed- or worse, a hipster. Good thing that I can’t really stand cats. Dogs though- maybe a cute puppy that can pull in the ladies…. that’s a joke.

Sorry this post has been a bit scatter brained. I haven’t tried to really organize my thoughts, simply typed along to the music. But hey… enjoy the music, yeah?


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